The creation of Jaxed Jeans

Welcome to my little hobby, allowing me to create one of a kind items for your whole family. January of 2018 while posting a brand rep photo on Instagram, one of my girls had on a pair of jeans that I had made myself, after not finding exactly what I was looking for at big box stores or handmade shops.

Being a brand rep I am always tagging and sharing on our personal Instagram and had people messaging me asking where I had purchased the jeans were from. Certainly this started the ball rolling as I kept saying that I had and getting compliments on my work!

So, I made a handful of items, put them in photographs with the other small shops we loved. Spent about an hour thinking of names for a shop... jean, jeans, denim, distressed, bleached, jeans... my name Janice, just didn’t roll and then I looked at my oldest Jacqui. Jacqui, Jacquilyn, Baby J, Bubbas, JAX! Are all the names shes gone by these past 6 years. Jacqui’s Jeans? Jax Jeans? JAXED JEANS! *lightbulb* Perfect name that rolled off the tongue and sounded hip and trendy.

I made my logo within the day, set up an Instagram and Facebook account and the rest is history... well not really as it was just over 3 years ago. Thank you to all my friends, family and small shop supporters, I could not be where I am without you and enjoying making these pieces for you.

xo Janice, Jax and Avery